Raising the Dead

I had a ball at the Raise the Dead Fest (1/13/07). I got the very tough job of being the “Queen of the VIP Room”. Poor me. I got to sit on a big cushy bar stool, behind the bar, hand out beers and sodas to the staff and band members (and other assorted important persons), and knit, knit, knit..
My devil hat got lots of attention and raves. One of the bartenders begged me to make her one. The girls from the burlesque troop that performed in front of the curtain while the bands were changing out their equipment were completely enthralled with the knitting. They wanted to take pics of ME sitting behind the bar knitting. Heck, the guys in the bands were pretty into it, too. My husband, who was working out on the floor, kept getting stopped and asked about his hat. Turns out that the metal community is very intrigued by knitting…who knew? I finished one generic hat and gave it away, and got within about 20 mins of finishing a second, but it was time to clean up, so I put it away to keep it from getting sticky.
The show was a success. Even though the venue pushed the schedule back several hours because they wanted to pull down their big projection screen that covers the stage to show the Saints game. Yeah Saints! I’m glad they won, but geez, the first band didn’t go on until around 11:00. Anyway, the bands were all amazing. The food was great. The crowd loved it all, and it was for a really good cause. The NOLA Underground people worked their butts off to put on a great show, and I’d be totally honored if they’d let me be part of it the next time around.                                                                                                                             It all finished up somewhere around 3:30 am (I think). I got home at 5am. Talk about tired! I don’t think I knitted a single stitch all day last Sunday.
Photos here. That’s me in the top row of pics, right in the center.


About twitchyknitter

Wife, mother, daughter, sister. Knitter, tattoo junkie. Big-mouthed introvert. Manic, yet lazy. Walking contradiction.

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  1. Hey!

    I saw that you are a member of the NOLA Underground message boards, I am DoomGal there and am new as well (I just read your initiation answers, lol) Anyway I see that you knit, well we kinda have something in common besides music, we are both crafty! Except I make soap……..the old fashion way ;o) Anyway maybe I will see you on the boards!

    Les/DoomGal/RushChick (MySpace)

  2. That’s something I’d be interested in learning about. Maybe we could set up skills trade. I can see it now, there will be a craft booth set up at next year’s Raise the Dead Fest. Crafty Metal Moms Rule!

  3. LOL, That would so rock! I could make some Fleur De Lis Soap, yeap they have molds, hehe Oh and got you added on MySpace!

    Later chick-

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