The Alco-shawl

I figure that’s a good name since I’ll surely be consuming alcohol while wearing this shawl. It’s being made to wear to a wedding on St. Patrick’s Day (and hopefully a show afterward) and it’s quickly becoming tedious. This always happens to me. Once the repeats start taking more than 30 or 40 minutes, I get…well…twitchy. We’re up to an hour and 10 per repeat now. I have to force myself to do one a day. I figure if it’s out here on display for all the world to gawk at its incompleteness, maybe I’ll be inspired shamed into finishing it.

Here goes:

There’s actually a few more repeats now than there were when the pic was taken.

Close-up of the stitch pattern:

And the pic that shows the color a lot more accurately:

That’s my green Kool-Aid yarn! Oh Yeah!


About twitchyknitter

Wife, mother, daughter, sister. Knitter, tattoo junkie. Big-mouthed introvert. Manic, yet lazy. Walking contradiction.

Posted on Monday, February 26, 2007, in Booze, Dyeing, WIP's, Yarn. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. That’s very beautiful….totally worth the effort.

  2. Good to see the yarn came out nicely dyed! What’s that stitch pattern called, by the way, and where can I get my hands on it?

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