Flying Cabbages

Am I the only one that thinks throwing big, heavy cabbages from moving parade floats is not a good idea? I’ve held this opinion for a long time now, and yesterday it was totally validated. Before I could get him out of the way, my 5 year old son got whacked in his poor little head by a flying cabbage. A bystander tried to catch it, and he probably did slow down the momentum of the cabbage, but my kiddo still ended up in tears and wanted to leave the parade. So, we did. He seems to be fine, no cognitive damage that I can discern, but he’s got a nice lump on his noggin.

How can you not feel sorry for this sweet little face?

How can you not feel sorry for this sweet face?

I took great joy in taking a knife to that cabbage this evening. Now I just have to figure out what to do with other seven cabbages we brought home – along with the ten pounds of potatoes, and carrots. Anybody got some recipes they want to share?

On to the knitting:
I wore my get Stitchy! green hat to the parade yesterday. Talk about an ego-fluff. It was a big hit and a friend of mine not-so-subtly reminded me that her birthday is coming up. So, darnit all, I have to go yarn shopping. Man, I hate when that happens (not)!

The green St. Pat’s day shawl is 1.5 repeats from completion. I may just make the deadline.

And even though the weather is warming up nicely, I keep having the urge to make a sweater – for me. I want this one so much.

That’s it for now. Until next time,

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  1. Hmmm…cabbage, potatos, carrots…and it just happens to be the second week of March? Corned beef and cabbage, girl!!! I’d chop it all up and throw it all in the crock pot along with lots of onions and you’re good : )

    And you’re poor, sweet baby!!! What kind of brutes go around hurling cabbage? I’ve never heard of this!!!

  2. Does this happen at all St. Paddy’s day parades? I’m Irish & this is a custom I’ve never heard of, perhaps it was the start of lawn bowling? Seems rather violent.

  3. The throwing of the cabbages or the getting beaned in the head with them? They throw them at all the St. Pat’s day parades around here (New Orleans area), but you don’t really hear about many injuries. I’m pretty sure they are supposed to “hand them out”, not throw them, anyway.
    Maybe I’ll knit a great big butterfly net for next year’s parade….

  4. Awww…he’s soooo cute. I had never heard of this throwing of cabbages either. You guys must just have all sorts of special things going on in NOLA that the rest of us miss out on!

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