Ummm, a bunch of stuff all at once.

The Fishy Crochet (GASP!) Bathmat is coming along. Here are some of the squares being modeled by my favorite tree:

There are more squares now, and they have been sewn together. I’m trying to get the border crocheted on the dang thing. Then I have the fishies to make. I think I’m not cut out to crochet on a regular basis. I can say I’ve tried it, and I will probably not have any objections to putting crochet borders onto some of my knits, but it’s just not for me.


Finished up my Dream Swatch Wrap (warning: that’s a pdf) this morning. Love this pattern. Super-easy and really cute. I used the leftover Koigu from my Get Stitchy Green hat-along hat. I think the greens look pretty cute with the purple-y hair!

I took it with me to the French Quarter Fest yesterday. I got sit on the bank of the Mississippi River, in the warm sun, with the cool breeze blowing, with daquiris by my side, listening to Trombone Shorty and Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes, and knitting. Perfect way to spend an afternoon! Knitter’s paradise, I tell ya.

Bought some new yarn yesterday. Yay! Hubby was feeling generous I guess. Not only did he not argue when I wanted to buy more yarn than I needed right then, he encouraged it. He’s so good to me.

Got some more Koigu for my friend’s birthday hat.

And some laceweight wool for no reason at all. I think the colors reminded me of Mardi Gras.


There were half-a-dozen other things I wanted to post about, but I can’t think of them right now. Dang-it. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

Until next time,

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  1. I really like that Dream Swatch Wrap. I’m going to have to make one for myself now. The pattern is neat!

    And mmmm, laceweight yarn. I can’t find nearly enough laceweight stuff around here. The closest affordable thing I can get my hands on is crochet cotton, and I can only knit with that for so long before it starts hurting my fingers.

  2. I love the Dream Swatch Wrap. I have it saved in my “stuff to make” file. Your’s is beautiful! I miss, so much, all the festivals and goodness going on in NOLA. Your blog makes me heartsick for NOLA but, at least, I can live vicariously through you. I’ve been contemplating some new laceweight yarn so keep us updated on how you like that particular yarn. And to the crochet, your’s, again, looks beautiful but I agree. I can’t crochet full time either….

  3. The Dream Swatch Wrap looks really nice in Koigu. Did it keep its shape after blocking?

  4. Um, well, actually I kinda skipped the blocking part. It hardly curls at all so I just wove in the ends and put it on!

  5. boy your day along the mississippi sure sounded great. sunshine and all. love the yarn you got too. and how you used up your green from your great hat along i have 1/2 of mine left still. LOL made a pair of clogs this past week with some of it. love the why you posed your squares too. 🙂 well hope you have a good sunday catch you again sometime soon
    hugs and love and tons of prayers from me crissy in alaska aka knitmewarm

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