Feeling like a slacker

Ever feel like you’re just spinning your wheels and going nowhere? I feel like I’m always doing something, but never getting anything done.

There’s progress on Sahara, but not very much.

Sarah Jane says: Get Busy Human!

I’ve been working on a pair of socks for a friend that I keep frogging and re-frogging because they’re not right.

I’m trying to finish up a Mother’s Day gift for my mom. Pics next week.

I haven’t even started the hat that was supposed to be for Rose’s birthday last month.

Haven’t touched the laceweight I got last month, but I did buy a pattern for it (that counts for something, right?).

I’ll be starting Intolerable Cruelty for another friend as soon as she gets me some measurements. That’s going to be a major project. Should take a while to finish, but I’m really looking forward to working on it.

I did manage to finish the Fishy Bathmat. Not great, but cute.

Did a little shopping this weekend and picked up Fitted Knits and Knitting Lingerie Style. Two great books. Looking forward to working on some of those projects.


Caught some music this weekend. Friday night there was Goatwhore. This was the second time I’d seen them. I can’t remember the first time (there was alcohol involved).

Saturday night was:

Good stuff. Check ’em out.


In the “Life In General” department:

I’m always tired, at least one person in this house is sick on any given day, the laundry never ends, the floor is always dirty, and I’d be perfectly happy if I never had to use the stove again. Why can’t all the meals come from the microwave?

And I’m obsessing over my next tattoo. I can’t decide what to get. I know what I want it to represent, but can’t come up with an image. It has to be about the knitting, but not too girly. I don’t want anything gruesome and evil, either. No zombies with knitting needles through their brains. I’m stuck. I have until September to figure it out, though. Suggestions are welcomed!

Until next time,

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Wife, mother, daughter, sister. Knitter, tattoo junkie. Big-mouthed introvert. Manic, yet lazy. Walking contradiction.

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  1. Maybe the knitting version of skull-and-crossbones – a ball of yarn with two straight needles crossed underneath it?

  2. I know exactly how you feel! At the moment, I have so much stuff to do and not enough time to do it. For everything I finish, something new comes up. However, I have to say that hiring a cleaner helps a lot – at least I am not worrying about dirty floors and bathrooms any more.

  3. did you notice how your sahara matches your blog?? 😉 it’s going to be beautiful… and i love the fishie mat

  4. Gee, how about that! I didn’t even notice. Pretty cool. I should probably get back to working on it sometime soon (like before winter rolls around again)!

  5. i love your Fishy Bathmat. The colors are perfect. And good luck on your progress on Sahara.

  6. The bath mat is beautiful!

    MMmmmm tattoos!

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