If I’ve told you once…

…then I’ve told you enough. I. Am. A. Slacker. My 15th anniversary was on the 8th of September and I’m just now getting around to actually blogging about it.

Dateline: September 3, 1992 (Thursday)

My BFF Rose and I jumped in the car, late in the evening, and drove all night to get to Orlando. Early Friday morning we checked into a hotel. That afternoon we picked up Firebaugh from the Navy base and headed over to the courthouse…only to find out they had closed early because it was a holiday weekend! Damn. His parents drove into town later that day, we all had a lovely weekend together, and they left on Monday to be back at work on Tuesday morning. Tuesday afternoon Rose and I picked Firebaugh up from the base (again) at lunchtime and headed to the courthouse (again). He changed out of his dungarees in the back seat, and this time we successfully managed to get ourselves hitched, with Rose as our only witness. Yay for marriage!

Of course, being the afternoon and being Florida, it rained on my wedding day. They tell me that’s actually a good omen, and I believe them. And if getting rained on is good, nearly being struck by lightning must be even better! That’s what (almost) happened. As we were heading back to the base the rain started coming down so hard and fast that I couldn’t drive anymore. I pulled over. We couldn’t just wait it out…the Sailor had to be back on base before lunchtime was over. So, he quickly finished changing back into his uniform in the back seat, hopped into the front, and pulled away from the curb. As soon as we pulled away lightning struck the pavement right where we had been only a second before! I had turned around to look out of the rear window to look for oncoming traffic and I saw it hit. I’ve never seen anything that bright before or since. Totally freaking amazing!

We dropped my brand-new husband off at the base, and Rose and I hit the road to head back to New Orleans. That’s right folks…no honeymoon, no consummating the marriage, nothing for another month. Suckage! Once he got home on leave though, well, that’s a whole different blog…

Anyway, once he was home we had us a little reception:


The guy in the sailor hat? That would be my hubby. The shortie in the red hat is me, and the dark-haired beauty next to me is Rose. At some point later that day I ended up bawling my eyes out because we were moving to Great Lakes, Illinois in a week or so. I missed my friends terribly while we were gone, and Rose did come to visit, but it was really good for us to be out there on our own.

After Great Lakes we moved to Norfolk, and then to D.C. (where our first child was born). Then back home to New Orleans, where kids #2 and #3 were born. I know, I’m totally glazing over a lot of interesting stuff here, but you really don’t want to know all the gory details.

So, here I am, 15 years later. Still in love with my husband. I was recently asked by someone much younger than me how it is that I’m still happy after all this time. That’s easy. My husband is my best friend. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him, or with him, and nothing I couldn’t ask of him. I’m fiercely devoted to him, and I know he is to me, also. It’s probably the only thing in life that I know for sure. My kids will grow, and change, and become independent souls and I will always love them in one way or another. But that love will change as they change. I can teach them things about life, and do my best to make sure that they turn into good, decent humans, but I cannot ultimately control who they are. That’s up to them.

My husband is the only true constant in my life. When I want to pull my own hair out, or run away and hide from life, he brings me back to reality. No matter how badly I fuck up, he’s there to help me through it. When I can lo longer bear my own existence, he makes me feel worthwhile. I often wonder what I ever did to deserve him. I can think of nothing. I think that Fate is tugging on the threads of life here. He and I are destined for something greater than the sum of our parts.

Wanna hear something really kinda silly? There’s a song in the old Charlotte’s Web animated movie from when I was a kid that makes me think of my husband and me:

“There must be something more to us than you and me

It must be tangled up somehow, it’s destiny

I used to think the sum of one and one was two

But we add to more, me and you”

Alrighty then let’s move move on before I start crying, shall we?

The anniversary was our excuse to get new tattoos! He got a tribute to NOLA on his right calf:

NOLA baby!

And I finally got my knitting themed tattoo:

Doesn't she kick ass?

I love her so very much and I have a serious urge to knit lovely wooly things for my artist! Unfortunately, most people just see the spooky girl and not the knitting needles and yarn she’s holding. Ah, well. I know what she’s all about.

And on the subject of knitting…Firebaugh got Anniversary Socks again this year. I love the fact that he loves the socks. Totally blows me away, actually. He will tell complete strangers about the socks that I knitted for him. I freaking love that! He likes to pick out the sock yarn, and I love to knit the sock yarn. Apparently we were destined for each other. How could we not be?

So, now that I’m emotionally spent…

Until next time,

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  1. Married 15 years and together for 17 yet you still find ways to make me love you more than I did the day before.

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