The one in which I mention sleep too much

Raise the Dead II went off with nary a hitch. Yay! I’ll gather some pics for a later post. I still feel like I haven’t slept in a week.


Knitting content:

I started the Brea Bag a few days ago. Super quick, that knit is. It’s probably going to end up as a UFO until I can get in some quality time with my MIL, the crochet queen (hint, hint Betty). Here’s the progress, thus far…

It’s all squinchy due to lack of blocking. I’ll work on that, maybe tonight when I’m not sleeping. Look, sneaky feet!

Finished up a Coronet hat, too. Modified only slightly. I switched the band around so it doesn’t have to be folded up, cuz it just doesn’t get that cold here.

Yes, that is my actual face. It looks as though I haven’t slept for a few years, that’s normal for me. And yes, the ends of my hair are green. Intentionally. No, it’s not just for Halloween, either.

Lets see, what else? I started yet another Snow Devil hat. This one’s for Kimmo, which means I’m glad to be working on another one. Yay cuz she’s in the country, and she’ll be in my neck o’the woods soon! I’m a wee bit excited about that.

That’s all for right now, it’s time for supper.

Until next time,

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  1. The hat is beautiful! I think green and orange are the only two colors I haven’t dyed my hair yet. It suits you!

  2. No problem with the crochet help, DIL. We can trade craft knowledge as I think I have cast on a pair of socks on dpn’s but don’t know what to do next.

    p.s. Your work is beautimus!

  3. You knit some really nice winter accessories in the last weeks! I especially like the bulky cabled scarf and Bamboozled.

  4. OMG That brea bag is LOVELY… I’d be happy to finish it for you ROFL It’s on my queue list. I love the colors in yours.

    I’m glad you like my whale hats. I made them for greybaby on Punkymoms. I can’t WAIT till she gets them!

  5. Whoa, you knit and live in Picayune and you’re under 60! How do we not know each other?!

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