R.I.P. Patrick

Fourteen years ago my husband and I found a little deaf kitten under a dumpster in Norfolk, Virginia. We were moving out of the Navy Lodge and into our new apartment and fate decided we needed a new kitty to go with that new apartment. Thus began our relationship with Patrick. He brought us countless hours of fun and laughter, he would sit with his wet nose pressed to the glass of the t.v. screen when it was turned off and watch the reflections of everything happing in the room behind him. He moved with us from a one bedroom apartment in Norfolk, to a 2 bedroom house in Maryland, to living with my husband’s family in Louisiana, to living with my mother in Louisiana, to buying our first house, to the house we have now in Mississippi. He was there when we brought all three of our children home from the hospital. He was a terrible mouse catcher. He had a squeaky little deaf cat meow. He was pretty slow on the uptake most days, but he was always my special kitty.

He liked to sleep in the kitty carrier in my bathroom, and that’s where he was this morning. I got up like I do every morning and went into the bathroom, but when I looked down his position was just a little bit wrong. I reached down to pet him and he didn’t wake up. He hadn’t been gone long, and there hadn’t been any noise so I’m pretty sure he was peaceful there at the end.

I decided not to tell the kids yet. I held it in until they got on the school bus and will tell them this afternoon when they get home. No need to start their day off like that.

Goodbye Patrick. I miss you, already.

Until next time,

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  1. so sorry to hear it, allie! i hope the loss is overpowered by the happy memories! *hugs*

  2. Aww, I’m sorry, Allie. Cats are so special. I’m glad you had many happy years with him.

  3. Out of all the cats we have had as a family over the years. Patrick was truly special, more than just your “Special Kitty” he was good with all the kids, he never refused affection, and had more than enough love to go around. I’m misty eyed writing this because i know i will miss him and i know he has a special place in the hears of everyone that met him.

    Love you sis,
    we feel your pain and yall are in out thoughts.

  4. *Hugs* I’m so sorry to read of the loss of your very special boy. I’m sending you and your family my deepest sympathies. You are very fortunate to have had such a wonderful little man in your home and I know that he will be greatly missed.

  5. I’m so sorry for your loss. I lost my 18 year old kitty over the summer and I still think about him every day. It’s so hard to let them go.

  6. That’s so sad! He had a happy, long life with you – it’s better to remember those days than the loss. And who knows, in time, there might be another kitty needing your help. Not to take his place – but I am sure he would have wanted that!!

  7. I’m sorry for your loss dear. I wish you and your family the best in your sad time.

  8. i am so very sorry. it’s been ages since i lost a cat, but i know how that feels.

  9. I’m sorry. 😦 It’s so hard to lose a pet. I know how it feels to lose something that is so precious and provides so much companionship, but I can’t imagine having to tell a child… How did the kids take it?

  10. I’m so sorry to hear this – it’s very close to home for me.
    I have an old cat, Colin, and every day I wake up and trot downstairs to make sure he’s still alive and happy to see me.
    Every day, I worry that he may not be there any more, so every time I see him, I make sure he’s tucked up nicely in his blankie, and give him a kiss and a cuddle. I don’t think he’s got much longer really, but I need to make sure that he knows he is loved right up until it’s time to go.

    I can imagine how you feel, nothing that can be said will help, but sooner or later, it won’t hurt so much.

    Sorry for your loss.

  11. My condolences on the loss of your Patrick. I have five fuzzes myself right now and I’ve lost previous cats (and a horse) including the feline love of my life, Vincent, in 2000. I know the pain. Patrick was very lucky to have spent his best 14 years being loved by you. He looks like he was a really special guy.

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