Some Badnessess

Screw me for being positive! That’ll teach me to have a good Tuesday. Frakking universe turned around and bit me in the ass.

Wednesday my A/C broke, and that’s hideous when the temps outside are creeping up towards 90 degrees. The A/C guy will be here tomorrow morning, but for right now it’s fucking hot in my house and all five of us are pissy and miserable.

Earlier this evening all 3 kids got into a fight outside. WITH SWORDS! The stupid plastic swords have been thrown in the trash and they’ve been told that if they catch any more at parades they may as well turn to the nearest kid and give it away. It won’t be allowed in this house. They’ve also been told not to bring any more home from dollar stores. They’ve been given enough warnings about those damn swords. Done, over, finished, no more toy swords. (Hear that, Grandparents?)

So they all got sent to their rooms, punished and pissy and hot. The little one wouldn’t stop screaming, making the other 2 even angrier. The older 2 were yelling back and forth across the hall at each other about who started what and whose fault it all was. I had to just pull back and laugh at them, otherwise I was going to cry.

Eventually they grumbled themselves out and went to sleep, but we’re all still hot. Hopefully the A/C problem is an easy fix and not something that requires waiting for parts. The high temp tomorrow is supposed to be 90. Ick.

So, in my moment of “If I don’t laugh at my children’s misery I’m going to cry” I turned to my on-line group of Mom friends and they talked me down. Wonderful bunch, they are. They gave me several amazing suggestions on how to consume alcohol without getting overly sweaty due to my lack of A/C. I never would have though of mixing my tequila with my kids popsicles! Brilliant! Or doing shots in a nice cool bathtub. Again, Brilliant! And did you know that Gummy candies absorb alcohol? Apparently you can soak ’em overnight and it’s easier than making jell-o shots. Amazing. I’m so buying gummy bears next time I go to the store.

Until next time,


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  1. Yeah, that’s something they should tell us before we have kids. “Hey, lady, you should know that there are going to be days where you consider running away from home.” Sometimes on the weekends, I lock the door and MAKE the kids play in the backyard just to keep my sanity. Of course, I live in the country with no close neighbors and no pervs can see them. If I didn’t, I’d have to send them to their rooms to play. Oooh bless your heart, no A/C! in Southern Mississippi! I feel your pain. That’s why I left after Katrina and didn’t come back until 6 weeks later and my power was on. I could handle everything else, but no air conditioning in AUGUST! I’m sorry, but that dog just don’t hunt.

  2. Dude 90? We can’t even get past 60 this week yuck.

    I can’t believe how miserable you are… I think Murder was outlawed otherwise we’d all kill our kids lol

  3. The Universe didn’t getcha because you had a good day the other day–it was just responding to thoughts you had awhile back. That lag time thing between the thought and the manifestation is what gets ya.

    Don’t let one bad follow-up day turn your thoughts to the negative. Keep thinking those good thoughts and expressing gratitude like you did: the longer you do that, the more often the Universe will reply when you say “Yes, I’d like more of THIS, please!”

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