New Pet!

We has us a new pet mouse! It was living in our piano. It came out. A cat caught it. Then I caught it. We named it Mozart. He iz cute.

Okay, that’s the short version. We found a mouse living in the piano. I didn’t have the heart to do anything about it. So I just decided to let it be. Tuesday it came out and one of the kitties got a hold of it and injured it pretty badly. My youngest son came and got me and told me that the pianomouse was in the kitchen. I went in there to see, and found the mouse nose-to-nose snifing my Sarah kitty. Total cartoon moment. I walked over and just picked it right up. It didn’t freak out, or try to run, or try to bite me. Weird, I know. I plopped it into an old fish tank with some of the old rat toys. It had blood all over it’s face and left front paw. I warned the kids that it might not survive. If it had internal injuries, there was nothing we could do. I told them that the best we could do for the little fellow was to give him a clean, safe place to tend his owns wounds.

Well, he’s doing much better. His left eye is looking good. I have no idea if he can see out of it or not, but it looks like the right one (a little black bead). He still holds his left front paw up when he walks, but he can climb and run with no problem, so I think that’s a good sign. He’s eating and drinking, and peeing and pooping. All good signs, I think. I think he’s going to make it. I hope to only keep him for 2 or 3 weeks and then let him go in the woods behind the house.  (And pray he doesn’t end up in my attic this winter.)

Mouse rehabbing. Whodathunkit?


There has been Knitting! I made a baby sweater for a friend. A little Kimono top for a baby girl born on July 4th.

Also there’s been yet another Utopia hat. But it looks much better on the recipient than the plain old picture I have of it. If/when I get her permission I’ll post that pic.

I think that’s all for now.

Until next time,


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Wife, mother, daughter, sister. Knitter, tattoo junkie. Big-mouthed introvert. Manic, yet lazy. Walking contradiction.

Posted on Friday, July 11, 2008, in animals, FO's, kids, Knitting, Life, Music. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Sweet sweater, love green & pink together.

  2. Mozart is adorable. I love mice, they’re so delicate. Also, the kimono is gorgeous!!

  3. great kimono….glad the mouse was in the right house to get taken care of. I still pull over to save turtles from being squashed on the road…..

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