Really, Nature?

Oh, for fuck’s sake. I’m in my comfy, saggy, pajama pants because I’m at home and real pants are of the debil. Wilbur needed to pee, so I leashed him up and out we went. Peeing is accomplished, squirrels are barked at, and we head back in for a reward treat. Easy enough.

I hop on my bed, grab my laptop, unpause my movie, and feel a stinging pain on my left thigh. Reaching down, I feel a bump. There’s something INSIDE my pants. Just in case it’s alive, I squish it. Because, that’s what you do when strangers invade your pants. Yeah, time to retrieve it…

It’s a fucking bee. A bee. In my pants. That’s what I get for leaving my bonnet in the house, I guess. A bee flew up my baggy-ass pajama pants leg and stung my thigh. 

I hate Nature.


About twitchyknitter

Wife, mother, daughter, sister. Knitter, tattoo junkie. Big-mouthed introvert. Manic, yet lazy. Walking contradiction.

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