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Stitch Maps

Interesting. This requires further investigation…

Stitch Maps.


Hemlock Grove

Watched the first two episodes of the Netflix Original Hemlock Grove. I think I like it. I’m not thrilled that it’s yet another story built around high school kids, but it may just be dark enough that I can overlook that.
The werewolf transformation was kinda awesome.

And? Why is there no WordPress widget for GetGlue? WTF?

The Great Polish Experiment

I’m a nail polish whore. I love the stuff. I love using it, looking at it, collecting it, lining the pretty bottles up on my nightstand where I just look at them lovingly… ahem.

A lot of my stash is regular ‘ol mass market stuff, some UV gel stuff, and I have my fair share of indie polishes, too. My personal fave is Vivid Lacquer. Anni’s stuff is awesome.

Anyway, I love gel polishes for how long the mani lasts, but I hate the amount of time it takes to go through the whole application process. I love the ease and speed of regular polish, but hate the inevitable chipping. So, today, I’m combining them. Regular polish, done up pretty-like, with the clear gel topcoat over it. My only concern is whether or not the topcoat will adhere to the regular polish.

Application is done and I’ll be hopping in the shower shortly. If the mani survives, I’ll consider it a success. If it survives the shower and some dish washing, I’ll consider it a rousing success. Here’s hoping!

Japanese TP

So, there’s this totally fucking awesome toilet paper from Japan that I reeeeally want (shut up, it’s awesome!). It’s $10. Shipping is $25. I can’t decide if it’s worth $35 for super awesome Japanese toilet paper. Dammit!


Watching Repo! The Genetic Opera. The irony of having Paris Hilton in the role of Amber Sweet is not lost on me.

I think my two oldest kids would enjoy this movie. Gonna have to introduce them to it.

Wait… wut?


Earworms suck

I am, right now, right this very moment, the victim of The World’s Worst Earworm.
It’s horrible. So horrible, in fact, that I’m not even going to say what it is. It could very well be contagious. And I really don’t want that kind of guilt on my conscience.

Pray for my sanity…

The Shining… the prequel!

Interesting. I’ve always thought that there was a great story there. The before-time, the Overlook’s history. But, I can’t help but think that this is just a ploy to garner attention for the sequel book coming out later this year. I hope they do justice to the original, with the prequel AND the sequel.

It’s no one’s fault…

…and there’s really nothing to be done about, but it annoys me so I’m going to whine.

Hubby works for a company that has offices all over the globe. This means that business calls can happen at any time. For the most part it actually gets confined to the 9-5 timeframe. But sometimes, like right now, he has to handle something that’s happening during someone else’s 9-5. Tonight he’s talking to Australia.
In our bedroom.
Where I want to be watching Game of Thrones.
But I can’t, because he’s on a business call.
In the grand scheme of things it’s totally inconsequential. But, waaahhhh.

Speaking of GoT… am I the only one that thinks Jaime and Brienne are going to get it on soon?


So, my FB feed keeps telling me that something earthshattering happened on tonight’s episode of Walking Dead. 
“I’m not posting spoilers. BUT…”

Aaaauuurgh! Shut up shut up shut up! 
I won’t see it until tomorrow. Stop torturing me!