25 Nov 2007: This page isn’t being updated regularly because I am a slacker. Pics of all the new FO’s are on the Flickr page and on my Ravelry page. Please, go look!


Alien Illusion Scarf
Alien Illusion Scarf
Sparkly Shawl
Sparkly Shawl


Baby Blanket
Baby Blanket Baby Blanket


Peek-a-boob Sweater


Kid Mitts (two pair)

Baby Blanket

Beaded Scarf

Entrelac Hat


Chevron Diamonds Scarf

Miss Dashwood Hat

Broken Cable Socks

Fetching Mitts

NOLA Underground Hat

Snow Devil Hat

Cowgirl Hat

Heart Cap

Cell Cozy

Lace-Up Gloves

Shelia’s Garter

Paranoize Hat

Green Hat-along Hat

Condom Cozy

Snow Devil Hat for Schmucky

  1. I totally need the pattern for the thong like in a bad way lol

    And does that yarn in the underground hat glow in the dark? because if it does I can’t live my life not owning that yarn!

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