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Hemlock Grove

Watched the first two episodes of the Netflix Original Hemlock Grove. I think I like it. I’m not thrilled that it’s yet another story built around high school kids, but it may just be dark enough that I can overlook that.
The werewolf transformation was kinda awesome.

And? Why is there no WordPress widget for GetGlue? WTF?



So, my FB feed keeps telling me that something earthshattering happened on tonight’s episode of Walking Dead. 
“I’m not posting spoilers. BUT…”

Aaaauuurgh! Shut up shut up shut up! 
I won’t see it until tomorrow. Stop torturing me!

Bates Motel

Technology is awesome. Got to see Bates Motel. I’m all “squee” and “yippee”! It was totally better than I expected, because, yanno, big shoes to fill and whatnot.
Also, I’m pretty sure I have a raging crush on Norma.

Bates Motel

I wanna be watching this right now. Whiiiine!

It did suck

Last night’s movie was terribad. So, tonight is Game of Thrones. Guaranteed good viewing.

Also, knitting.