On My Needles

Hush Hush from Knitty – started Summer ’06

Mare’s Snow Devil Hat – started early Feb. ’07 Finished 4/5/07

St. Pat’s Day Shawl – started 2/25/07 Finished 3/13/07

MawMaw’s Surprise – started 3/5/07 Finished 3/7/07

Condom Cozy – started 3/14/07 Ignored for a week – Finished 3/26/07

Katy’s Hat Finished 3/29/07

Fishy Bath Mat (crochet – GASP!) started 4/3/07 Finished 4/27/07
Dream Swatch Wrap started 4/12/07 Finished 4/16/07

Sahara started 4/4/07

Goat’s Socks – started 4/21/07 Finished 5/19/07

Jay’s Scarf started 5/13/07 Finished sometime after 5/13

  1. You should probably ignore this page. I’ll probably never update it again, now that I’ve been blessed with Ravelry.

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