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Japanese TP

So, there’s this totally fucking awesome toilet paper from Japan that I reeeeally want (shut up, it’s awesome!). It’s $10. Shipping is $25. I can’t decide if it’s worth $35 for super awesome Japanese toilet paper. Dammit!


The Shining… the prequel!

Interesting. I’ve always thought that there was a great story there. The before-time, the Overlook’s history. But, I can’t help but think that this is just a ploy to garner attention for the sequel book coming out later this year. I hope they do justice to the original, with the prequel AND the sequel.

Horror burnout?

I think I might have horror movie burnout. I can’t recall the last time I saw a film that actually scared me, or even gave me the creeps. Need better scares. 😦

Open to suggestions…

This movie is going to suck

Just dialed up Walled In on the Netflix. I think it’s going to be awful. But, well, awful horror flicks are kinda my thing.

Babby hat OTN, doggy at my side, pizza in my belly, and chessy movie on the teevee. Not a bad evening.  🙂