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Reservoir deep under Ontario holds billion-year-old water : Nature News & Comment

Reservoir deep under Ontario holds billion-year-old water : Nature News & Comment.

Holy cats! How cool is that?


Me – In a Nutshell

Thanks for the new toy, Vy!


Another reason to love him

8 y/o is doing homework on nouns. When naming a proper noun starting with H, my boy says “Hooters! That’s a restaurant!”
Yeah, baby. ❤

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No More Wal-Mart!

I hate switching grocery stores. I can’t find anything!!!

Elaborating: I’ve sworn off of Wal-Mart for good. A lot of their corporate policies have bothered me for some time, but dammit, they were so convenient! They finally pushed me over they edge a few months ago and I haven’t been back since.

I still haven’t settled “my” new grocery store, but I’m working on it. I’ve ordered some non-perishables in bulk online. I think I saved some money, too. But, those day to day groceries… eventually I’ll settle on a store I like. I hope.

Hrmph, but Good

I hate waking up early and not being able to get back to sleep. *pout*

A migraine flattened me last night. I had no choice but to take my meds, which I haven’t had to do in a few months. Whoa, really? Has it been that long? I guess the other drugs are working!

The migraines were coming, on average, twice a week for several years before I was finally convinced to seek treatment. It’s easy to slip into the pain pattern and forget what normal should feel like. When the full headache cycle covers a full three days (or more), and then repeats, it becomes your normal.

And now? Wow. Weeks on end without that aura… my depth perception has remained intact… I don’t feel the need to drown myself in a frozen lake. Groovy, no? Yes.

So, I medicated my head last night. But, the meds knock my ass out. I was falling asleep sitting up by 9 PM. That’s wicked early for me! I gave up and crawled under the blanket and zonked out. And today I’m awake way earlier than usual.

I’ll be needing a nap this afternoon.

Something Extra

Oh, wow! What a bonus! Just got to watch a Navy Retirement Ceremony!

For the most part I held it together, too. I only cried a little bit. Maybe. Ok, fine! I’m a sap! I’m a total sucker for military ceremonies. There. Happy?


Knitting in public at the National WWII Museum in New Orleans!

It was a good day! Lots of fun and cool people, too. A few pics to follow as soon as my lazy self uploads them.

Just so you know

Giving oral meds to a wiggling, uncooperative rat is very difficult. Words to remember, kids!

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Cinco de Mayo

Any time the calendar encourages me to make shredded pork and drink tequila, it’s going to be a good day!

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I have a head full of goop. Henna-colored, lemon-scented goop.

Tell me I’m pretty!

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