It’s no one’s fault…

…and there’s really nothing to be done about, but it annoys me so I’m going to whine.

Hubby works for a company that has offices all over the globe. This means that business calls can happen at any time. For the most part it actually gets confined to the 9-5 timeframe. But sometimes, like right now, he has to handle something that’s happening during someone else’s 9-5. Tonight he’s talking to Australia.
In our bedroom.
Where I want to be watching Game of Thrones.
But I can’t, because he’s on a business call.
In the grand scheme of things it’s totally inconsequential. But, waaahhhh.

Speaking of GoT… am I the only one that thinks Jaime and Brienne are going to get it on soon?



So, my FB feed keeps telling me that something earthshattering happened on tonight’s episode of Walking Dead. 
“I’m not posting spoilers. BUT…”

Aaaauuurgh! Shut up shut up shut up! 
I won’t see it until tomorrow. Stop torturing me!

Anger, I haz it.

Got a pre-recorded message phone call earlier from my kids’ school. Just a reminder that the young’uns are off all next week. I was already aware, but, yeah, whatevs. The angry-making part was when the superintendent of the school district said that he was praying for us all to remember the true meaning of Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday. 

Is it just me or is that wholly innappropriate? I mean, if you happen to be a Christian, that’s swell. But, for those of us who aren’t, it’s rude and offensive. This is a Public School. Separation of Church and State, anyone? Bueller? They also have faculty led prayers at school sporting events and assemblies. Grrr… anger, I haz it.


So, I’m only a little bit embarrassed to admit that I liked Equilibrium. Action movies in general just aren’t my thing, but I love dystopian stories. This being a dystopian action movie meant I was iffy going in. Maybe it’s because Christian Bale is so darned pretty, or maybe I have a soft spot for guys who save puppies. Either way, I enjoyed it. Whodathunk it?

Really, Nature?

Oh, for fuck’s sake. I’m in my comfy, saggy, pajama pants because I’m at home and real pants are of the debil. Wilbur needed to pee, so I leashed him up and out we went. Peeing is accomplished, squirrels are barked at, and we head back in for a reward treat. Easy enough.

I hop on my bed, grab my laptop, unpause my movie, and feel a stinging pain on my left thigh. Reaching down, I feel a bump. There’s something INSIDE my pants. Just in case it’s alive, I squish it. Because, that’s what you do when strangers invade your pants. Yeah, time to retrieve it…

It’s a fucking bee. A bee. In my pants. That’s what I get for leaving my bonnet in the house, I guess. A bee flew up my baggy-ass pajama pants leg and stung my thigh. 

I hate Nature.

Dear Trees,


Please bite my shiny metal ass, you pollen jizzing bastards.
Fuck you very much,

Bates Motel

Technology is awesome. Got to see Bates Motel. I’m all “squee” and “yippee”! It was totally better than I expected, because, yanno, big shoes to fill and whatnot.
Also, I’m pretty sure I have a raging crush on Norma.

Bates Motel

I wanna be watching this right now. Whiiiine!

I’m having a Bad Me Day

I wish I could say that it’s just a bad hair day. It’s not. It’s a bad me day. Week. Month. Year. Life…

Horror burnout?

I think I might have horror movie burnout. I can’t recall the last time I saw a film that actually scared me, or even gave me the creeps. Need better scares. 😦

Open to suggestions…